an indie JRPG MMO dedicated to 16 Bit Console Fantasy Classics.

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KINGDOM·OF·LOOT requires Java™.

Current funding campaign: SUPPORTER EXCLUSIVE MAP PACK #1

The creation of graphical content is insanely time consuming and all of us are working daytime jobs and our pixel artist Vierbit is no exception. So how to make the best out of our 91% Score at the Square Enix Collective? Help us raise funds to enable our graphics artist Vierbit to crank up the creation of graphical content and release a supporter exclusive map every month.

Supporter will get the status Early Supporter and exclusive early access to the content funded.

108 %
  • Target: 590.00 EUR /  659.25 USD
  • Actual: 639.76 EUR /  714.86 USD
  • Supporters: 53
  • Days left: 0

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* Supporters are especially marked in the game, can unlock supporter only features and can spend their credits on additional content. But most of all they will have our eternal gratitude for directly supporting us. Thank you!


Meanwhile we finished the campaign with a staggering 91%. Thank you!

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We will return,
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